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So far so good

Good app. Provide full functionalities. Very convenient.

Incredibly frustrating

I always select the option to remember my device with the enhanced security but each time i have to input the code sent to my email. Now i have tried to log in but it is not sending the code to my email. Also the app crashes far too often.

Unable to pay with Siri

When I ask Siri to pay $500 to Discover it asks if I want to use the discover app and I click yes it tells me it cannot find Discover Dental. The app is ok for paying and viewing your balance. Maybe this isnt a Discover card issue but a Siri bug.

It helps a lot

This app helps a lot who has descover card but its horrible to pay or to reedem the cash back because the app dont read cents.

Way ahead of its time

Discover is just wonderful. I have never had an unpleasant experience with Discover. It surprises me all the time, I just love it. All my other banks and credit cards give me such headaches all the time but Discover is the best.

Not backward compatible

I have an iPhone 6 so this app works OK for checking my balance and transactions. However, my iPad is 3rd generation so I cannot upgrade it to iOS10, but this apps upgrade instructions state NOT to upgrade to the latest version unless iOS10 has been installed. As a result, I have this one app that I have to be careful not to upgrade. Come on DISCOVER, make your app compatible with older iOS versions like ALL the other apps I have; they have not abandoned users with older devices yet, so neither should you.

Wont install

Please fix. Doesnt install.


Just paid my bill with Siri. So cool!

Great. To do: In-app ApplePay and Siri improvements.

***Bug report. Constantly signs me out and makes me sign in again. Siri integration with discover app is great. Needs to expand slightly and be more intuitive. If I tell her to make a payment and PAY FULL BALANCE, she doesnt understand. If I ask her: how much is my balance, she doesnt get it. Fix. 3D Touch receipt capture! Love that I can use ApplePay!!!! Finally!!! Apple Pay is easy to use and very convenient. Please expand more to other areas and for more in-app purchase like Starbucks. Another thing for wish list. Wish I could quickly upload a pic of my receipt. CapitalOne now allows you to do this. That way you have quick access to them and you can store all your receipts in 1 place. Maybe a 3D Touch would make this fast and convenient for most people. I have a beautiful purple-colored card (Discover lets you pick the color of your card). I wish the color was reflected in the Wallet App. I know its a small thing, but I really do like that color. Currently, it just shows up as a generic blue color in Wallet. Thanks!


App always shows a 1 Secure message center always shows a message unread even after you delete message

App wont install

Every time I try to use the Discover app, I am forced to upgrade to the latest version. When I click on "upgrade" it takes me to the App Store, where I can "open" the new app, as though it is already installed. But its not. This happens every time... its like Groundhog Day.

Has been good, but recent irritants caused me to delete it

I have had this on my iThings for several years, but recently deleted it after two persistent irritants. First, after Discover added Siri features to the app, I was repeatedly spammed with exhortations to use this feature on entering the Discover app. I am not interested in using Siri for anything involving money, so Im not interested in using this. The first message was fine, but after that, further advertisements were just another snag holding me back from what I wanted to do. Then I received a routine message, and was unable to get the red message flag to go away. Since that indicates something that needs my attention, the little red bubble on my home page was a distraction. So the app had to go....unfortunate, it has been a decent app.

Linking account

Please remove the mandatory feature in this update to require users with more that one discover card, to link each card for "seamlessly switch between accounts".

True Stone Age App

Havent been able to set up passcode or fingerprint I.D. since an update about 2yrs ago. Why would I expect any less with the addition of Siri. This app has been garbage for at least the last 2yrs.

Was working five stars, but now working two stars

Most recent update killed the touch ID login for me, which means basically I wont be using it until that is fixed. Also, if youre going to you Siri, let us pay my balance in full.

They lied about 5% cash back

The app and website now couldnt login to my account. Its been more than a week but still...

ALMOST there

The app is phenomenal now! Its more polished, has much better reliability than before, and is more fluid. My only issue is that iOS 9 users cant setup Quick View or Touch ID support because the app doesnt support six-digit passcodes. Please fix! I would love to use Touch ID again! Its becoming a real irritant now because I cant use Siri with it either since Touch ID has to be enabled.

Ticked off

Upgraded phone then immediately had to upgrade software! Now my discover does not work in Apple Pay???? Cant verify

Great app

Happy with my experience.

Best Credit Card

By far the easiest credit card app that I have used so far. Easy to understand and access everyday. I use this credit card more than others I have because Ive never had any problems at all in the past five years. If you ever do you need customer service by phone you get to speak with a real person every time. This is my main go to credit card.

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